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Dean's Notes

The Great Awakening

 Do your own research and decide whether or not these notes are valid.


Last Updated: 11/28/2021

Dean’s Notes:

You are experiencing a multi-faceted psychological operation (PSYOP) on every front. This is Spiritual Warfare, a war between Good and Evil.

We are at the final stages of this WW3 Information War. This is Biblical.

As this has rose up into our lives, I have come to realize and I’m convinced the following to be true. If I’m wrong, I’ll stand corrected at some point in the future. This is how I understand things for now:

     1.   The Cabal is the Beast of Revelation.

     2.   The Mainstream Media (TV/Radio/Newspapers) is the Image of the Beast of Revelation. Along with all of the CIA MK-Ultra program to control and influence News Media, TV Media, Cable TV Channels and Hollywood Movies. (Steal, Kill, and Destroy)

     3.   The “Vaccine” is the Death Jab, Mark of the Beast of Revelation. It is a Bio-weapon from the Cabal, the Beast of Revelation. The Jab is forced on people so they can buy and sell. They can’t buy and sell if they can’t work, and they can’t work if they don’t take the jab, and receive the Valid Number Document that they have accepted the Mark. Some places are saying you can’t enter to buy and sell if you don’t have the Jab Document showing proof you are “Vaccinated”. Many are losing their lives to the Jab. Many have lost their jobs (their livelihood) due to Not Receiving the Mark, “not buy or sell lest they have the Mark”.

This war is not conventional. It is the most extreme Spiritual Warfare, via use of:   Propaganda, Disinformation, False Flags, PsyOps (PSYOP), Fear Mongering, Coercion, Brainwashing, CIA MK-Ultra Mind Control, Cyber Warfare, Biochemical Warfare, Trickery, Discrimination, Lies, Deception, Theft, Murder, Eugenics, and Evil, Satanic, Demonic Destruction.


You are both watching a Movie of a Fake Administration and you are also experiencing a Covert Military Operation primarily in the form of Devolution as part of the Plan to Save the World from the Demonic Enslavement.


The Fake Administration has been allowed to come in and commit their crimes. Just like watching a bank robber rob the bank, you can arrest them after they commit the crime. Bingo!!! It had to be this way. You must let the criminal commit the crime and do all their dirty work, so they can be properly charged for their crimes and arrested. The Military was the only way.


You are both watching a Movie of a Fake Administration put in place by Deep State Actors, Treasonous Corrupt "Officials", Foreign Entities, and Demons; also, you are experiencing A Patriotic Great Awakening of A multi-year Covert Military Operation to Save America and the World, that has been carefully planned out and most importantly implemented by the Greatest Patriotic Military Team in All Modern History.

Many millions of people have been fear mongered, discriminated, tricked, coerced and brainwashed globally by MK Ultra Mind Control Operations of Main Stream Media "News" Sources all Controlled by Demonic Enforcement Agencies, a.k.a. so called "Intelligence Agencies". These people have been fear mongered, discriminated, tricked, coerced and brainwashed into accepting a false narrative that they "must" and "need" to inject a highly toxic, and potentially lethal bio-weapon sold to them as "A Needed Vaccine". Rather than it being a "Vaccine", it actually is a Eugenics and Mass Depopulation Bio-weapon of massive Biological Harm and/or Death.

The entire Trump Administration has been a Military Sting Operation. The 2016 election was another Military Sting Operation. The 2020 election was again, another Military Sting Operation.

The Fake Administration was allowed to come in to allow the Criminal Parties commit their crimes. The Military was the Only Way to uphold, support, and defend the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, America, and the World. And of course, this is possible only with the Blessings from our Dear LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and the LORD of Lords.

General Flynn Interview with Alex Jones:


General Flynn:

"it's NOT 'Conspiracy Theory', It's Conspiracy"; "Courage is a Decision"; "Local Action has a National Impact"; "Retrograde Operation" (Devolution); "Battle between these ideologies"; "big tech media titans"; "these are real people and they want total control" (the Cabal is evil); "the only way we are going to do this, we've gotta find these courageous people or we are going to lose this country"; "something is wrong", "What's the matter with saying, 'I want America First' ";  "I see a Republican Establishment that is missing the point";  "Look at their actions and what they have done"; "We have to get involved in the Local Elections";  "The Founders put into our Constitution the liberties and freedoms and We need to take it back"; "We are tired of the filth being taught in the public schools"; " 'Just Us DEPT.' does not seek the truth..."; "My Mother and Father handed my brothers and sisters America on a silver platter, and I want to have the courage to overcome the fear and hand to my grandchildren a great America"; "We are in a Battle Field"; "There are a lot of people that will rise up to be a champion of our future"; "I hate Politics, but I am deeply involved in Politics because Politics is what surrounds our entire livelihood right now."; "We are going to lose this Great Constitutional Republic if we don't get involved in our community." ...

"What I would like to promote here right now is The and text 84576"; "And for all the Crazy People on the Insurrection Crucifixion Commission, what they otta do is instead of subpoena me, they should subpoena ..."

Nov 8 thru 11 Protest.jfif

Nuremberg Tribunals 2.0?

Bill Gates with Ebstien.jpg
The Rothschilds.jpg

To Verify Arrest Status, you have to listen to the Arrest Code being announced.

Track Arrests, CV Statuses, Resignations & Terminations = Comms


The Cabal & Military Are Using These CV Statuses To Secretly Communicate In Plain Site What Has Occurred To Certain Elites Behind The Scenes:
🔍 Self-Quarantined = House Arrest + Ankle Monitor
🔍 Self-Quarantined, CV Exposure = Detained + Questioned
🔍 Tested Negative 4 CV = No Confession = Military Tribunal + Fully Exposed + Executed
🔍 Tested Positive 4 CV = Confession + Deal = Rommel Death (Un-Exposed + Executed)

Covid Codes 2.jpeg

Plan to Save the World - Part 1

Plan to Save the World - Part 2

Plan to Save the World - Part 3

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