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The Hero's Journey

Starring President Trump

Telegram:  Eye Drop Media 

Eye Drop Media, [09.09.21 12:52]

"The Hero’s Journey is a tried and tested movie story structure. This structure fits perfectly into President Donald Trump’s ongoing story.  If you're unfamiliar with this story structure, a simple internet search will clarify. Are we about to move into the final act of this movie? The new Eye Drop video explores how the white hats are using this famous movie structure.


I think we can all agree,  it's now time for the final act in this movie.


Trump- The Hero’s Journey.  This movie has to end soon. Support EyeDrop here (


The Song is called Nessun Dorma ( in English - None Shall Sleep)
and the final lyrics... in Italian....Vincerò! Vincerò! Vincerò!
translate Into English - I Will Win, I Will Win, I Will Win.

Because in the end, the sheep will wake up.....[None shall sleep]....and Trump will indeed win!"

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