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X-Files for The Great Awakening

Glossary, Notes and Key Terms; DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH TO VALIDATE; THEN YOU DECIDE WHAT'S THE TRUTH. THINK FOR YOURSELF. In an Information War, we have to filter out the information and dis-information. Use Wisdom, that helps.

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Anthony Fauci:

In his new book Robert Kennedy Jr. reported that Anthony Fauci tortured and murdered at least 85 New York orphaned children in medical experiments in the 1980s. Other reports showed that over 200 children died. Fauci, Big Pharma Tortuous Experiments on Foster Children – Over 200 Died | Politics | Before It's News (























































Awakening, The Great Awakening



Biden Crime:


New details emerge linking Hunter Biden to China’s payroll. New York Post Columnist Miranda Devine discusses on ‘Kudlow’ the ties the Biden family has to Beijing.


Victim: “Biden and Obama raped me.” Powerful Elites, Celebs, Demonic Sex Abuse Ring:


Hunter Biden reportedly helped expand Chinese influence in America for $10 million a year for three years: Chinese energy firm chairman gifted Hunter Biden an $80,000 diamond after he agreed to help expand the business by making ‘introductions’ for $10MILLION a year.


Joe Biden: The website tracks atypical activities on the financial market. The operators found out: Numerous U.S. Senators invested big in infrastructure company stocks just before JOE BIDEN unveiled his $1.2 BILLION infrastructure plan. American taxpayers’ money is now ending up in the pockets of their elected representatives via insider trading. It is still unclear whether the operation will be prosecuted.


Biden confessed on national TV: “We have put together the most comprehensive voter fraud organization in the history of politics (and you guys did it for the Obama Administration also”):


Ukraine claimed Biden stole billions from the Ukraine:


Biden bragged about blackmailing the Ukraine Prosecutor:–dj2-CY    


Biden said he doesn’t need our votes to get elected, and with the vast 2020 Election Fraud he was right:   


Biden, Obama, Clinton, CIA Seal Team Six and Benghazi Massacres: Biden’s, Obama’s, Clinton’s and the CIA’s Seal Team Six and Benghazi Massacres | Politics | Before It’s News (


Biden Charged with Treason: Biden, Harris, Milley Charged with Treason, Tribunals at White House, Mass Arrests, Martial Law | Politics | Before It’s News (


Biden/Clinton/Obama Pedophile Ring Uncovered by Wikileaks:

Big Picture as of Nov. 26 2021

Nov. 26 2021 International Coordinators Meeting of 63 Country Coordinators, Simon Parkes:


There is a real move afoot to lock down as many countries as possible over the Christmas period.


The United States Marshalls were in South Africa working with people.


We’ve been sent a copy of what we would call the Emergency Broadcast System which is due to go out to South Africa next week (week of Sun. 28 Nov. to Sat. 4 Dec.).


They’ve used the new variant that they’re talking about as an excuse to close all flights in and out of South Africa.


The good guys are prioritizing countries including South Africa. Australia will be the next country that is engaged with.


The European Union, the Strasbourg One World Government, want to lock every Euro Currency country down. This is nothing to do with the Covid Variant, it is to do with that as an excuse to lock people down because they know impending military actions are occurring.


President Biden will be forced to stand down around the 15th December.


Plan A was literally what we’d all talked about over a year ago where Kamala Harris basically took over from Biden. The plan was to get this view that he had cancer of the bowel, so he went to hospital for scans or tests and they were going to declare to the world that he had cancer and that he had to step down. Kamala Harris would become the new President, but she went to pieces and became hysterical and it was impossible to work with her. So then they had to declare that he (Biden) was fine and everything was ok.


The speaker of the house Pelosi was charged with a very serious crime but had something to trade, which was very helpful information about California that would allow the good guys to de- certify the California election. California has the most college votes. So, if you take away California then Biden falls below the 270 votes that are required.

They may be looking for very large riots across the earth so they can then say a military takeover. So, Simon has been told that Biden will step down 15th December, if that’s true that means the military would be in charge of the world over Christmas which seems bizarre but that’s a pattern.


January would see a public inauguration for President Trump and the return of Trump.

President Trump had a private inauguration some 2 or 3 days ago. It was a private inauguration by invitation only, without the public or the cameras being there.


Last March President Trump was accepted as the commander in chief of the Military Forces, then there was a split between Milley who was removed privately and replaced with Marine General Berger. Publicly Milley is still the joint Chiefs but in reality, Marine General Berger is So Trump is now no longer just the Commander In Chief he is also the President.


Britain was a very clear statement that there would be no mandatory forcing of inoculations. It was brought about because of the violence that took place in some European countries. There were some very interesting demonstrations which seemed to have an effect on some countries. That’s why it will be very interesting when Strasburg, the Haag and other nefarious places try to force every European Country into a lockdown when some of those countries are neighboring where these demonstrations have taken place and they are thinking I don’t really want that as we could lose control of our civil population.


The White Hats feel that if Europe is systematically locked down again there will be absolute insurrection which will give them good reason to do a worldwide military roll out.

In the coming weeks of December, we will see the MSM turning against the Cabal and the narrative. Not uniformly, then at 1 minute to midnight we will know if the MSM have capitulated or not. If they are on air they have capitulated.


Star Link has been switched on and off in different aspects and different times to test it. All the tests were very successful. I don’t think Star Link can piggyback the system that we have at the moment. The Mossad intelligence satellites were destroyed last year and this year so the Mossad satellites were taken down, but they were not the media communication satellites. Mossad satellites were satellites that allowed Cabal to talk to each other in an encrypted way etc. What we’ve got at the moment are terrestrial media ariels doing television and radio and satellites doing television and radio so that’s part of what we would know as operation Mockingbird. It’s when the CIA decided it would brainwash the whole of the planet by using these satellites to do subliminal imagery etc. So Star Link will operate with project Odin along with Tesla technologies - we’ll just call them power stations.


When others are talking about February, they are talking about a complete switch over from one aspect to another aspect. I would suggest that during the Christmas period there will be this switch over but perhaps it won’t be obvious until January.


Every country that has a working sizable organized Connecting Consciousness operation, meaning Coordinators and members, will have Med Beds in its country. That is what’s going to be prioritized. Every country that has effective working Connecting Consciousness Coordinators and membership will have Med Beds.


I don’t believe that China is going to have an economic crash. Certain parts of the Chinese economy will go back to where they were about 5 years ago. It will not be a famine, there will not be a huge flood. China will and does have a very good, positive future, but there will be economic disruption in China just as there will be in other countries. The question of course is the relationship between the Chinese Communist Party and the State because the CCP is a political organization that believes it runs the State, but the State does not necessarily see that as fact.


The good guys were really interested in the intellectual copyright, the ancient history that the Vatican was sitting on and they were very interested in the ancient artifacts and Nazi Gold that was stored. We did see of course, the Main Stream Media showed photographs of the big crane sitting in the Piazza just outside the Vatican. That is exactly what they were doing, they were lifting out all the gold and money that had been stored directly under the Piazza and there were tunnels that went off there.


The deal was that the Italian government allowed the Vatican to have access to the information from the Leonardo Satellites which allowed them to do fake elections. That is gone now. The Italian government was threatened by the Trump Administration before Trump left office regarding what they were doing and basically the Vatican no longer have any control over those satellites.


The World Court was handling the Haig Crimes against humanity charges launched by Reiner Fuellmich and over 100 international lawyers working in conjunction with Dr’s etc. It stands in a very strong position because those documents have created other groups to use the wording from those, certainly in Great Britain those same documents have been served on a number of hospitals where they have been threatened with crimes against humanity.


The International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels is a court that we don’t hear very much of because it’s a common law court. It’s not a Maritime or Navel Court. I can tell you that the Judge who is going to be involved next week with what is happening in South Africa is from the International Court.


The Commonwealth doesn’t exist anymore. That is why Australia and New Zealand will have the opportunity to be part of the United States of America if they so choose. Barbados and other countries that are or were part of the British Crown can either choose to be sovereign republican entities or they can connect with other countries and I think a country like that which relies so heavily on tourism will do fine. It will be just an independent country because so much of its trade will come from tourism.

Intel Agencies:

WhipLash347: Who owns the CIA? The QUEEN OF ENGLAND owns the CIA & the MOSSAD. Title 4 FLAG Captured. The YELLOW FRINGE = MARITIME/CROWN LAW.


Who attacked USA on 9/11? UK ROYALS. Remember SATANIC SANUSSI/HASSAN Family in bed with UK ROYALS.


In November 2018 the NSA & MIL Intel took control over the CIA and it's partnered intelligence agencies: CIA/Mossad and FVEYS intelligence agencies. For Australians ASIO is a part of FVEY.

Every leader in the world President, Prime Minister, King or Queen must STAND DOWN this includes President Trump. Don't worry he will be back. Once he makes it official ( His big decision coming) then we have to have elections within 120 days. It is here where we elect governments 10% the size of what we have now. We will never have Democrat vs Republican or Liberal vs Labor again. Under GESARA we get scrubbed back to original constitutions and sitting leaders will be in power for as long as they want, till death or they do wrong. If they do wrong by the people they get removed by Military.


Now draw a line from the Vatican to the Rothschilds Banking System (Central Banks & Federal Reserve) The Rothschilds own the Vatican and it's bank. Now we have a massive Operation in Europe called OPERATION : DEFENDER EUROPE. This started on March 17 2020. This is taking control of the Vatican, it's Mafia's and seizing all of the Rothschilds Central Banks. There is some Central Banks i.e. Riksbank in Sweden, Europe Central Bank and Deutsche Bank who had casualties of Coronavirus.


Draw a line from Intel Agencies to Royal Family and write March 2019. The Royal Family are the owners of all of these Intelligence agencies. They own the CIA. They own all of FVEY. They created the Mossad in Israel and they created the Saudi Intel as well.


Now the Royal Family QE1 & QE2 are of Germanic Origin.  They created World Wars with the higher ups too. They stole all the opium from the Middle East and Asian Wars. (Vietnam & Korea) using their intel agencies and would supply the Vatican Mafia's with Opium to turn it into Heroin and supply the world. These Intel Agencies create Terror Organizations, Terror Attacks & False Flag Attacks. They participate in all kinds of Trafficking. Drugs, Children, Bombs or whatever else.


So Adolf Hitler was a Rothschild. When the war ended they smuggled he and 12000 Nazi's to Argentina as part of Operation Paperclip.

Also who you know to be the 'BUSH" family are really the SCHERF family of Germany.  George Bush Senior served in the German Navy and he was smuggled along with a Nazi Assassin to the USA with the MK ULTRA mind control program.

So that was a brief outline of what the Royal Family have done.  So in March 2019 the USA had gone over and stripped all of the Royal Powers after the CIA was under full control.

Next you want to draw a line from the Royal Family to the Vatican.  The Vatican own the Royal Family. So in 2019 the Vatican was raided twice and you can search this. They also arrested 5 or 6 at top of the Vatican and also had arrested some Vatican Mafia. Just like in 1999 when military forced Bill Clinton to sign Nesara. The military forced Boris Johnson to get Brexit through. So what did Brexit really do? It cut the strings to the Vatican.

Once all these were well and truly under way. In November 2019 the US Military went and stripped all of the Royal Assets.  The USA now has complete ownership of the Commonwealth and intel agencies. Then  in Feb 2020 Brexit becomes official. The Royals have officially been stripped from the Vatican ownership.


So you can write down 3 dates here. Mid 2019 or the dates of Vatican raids. November 2019 Royal Assets Stripped. Feb 2020 Brexit. You know how I just broke the process down. You found out the Royal Family controls the intel agencies. This includes Israeli Mossad and Saudi Arabia. It was these guys and the German Bush/Scherff Family that created 9/11.. (Royal Family/Nazi) attack on the USA to stop NESARA/GESARA and create another depopulating/Opium and Oil controlling war. So PBK was sent to the UK and lived in numerous places and he was a Chief Marine Engineer for 20 years.

GCR (Global Currency Reset)   

          NOT "The Great Reset", The Great Reset is the Deep State Plan to maintain Control on Global Currencies.

    The Global Currency Reset (GCR) 

At a Nov. 26 2021 International Coordinators meeting of 63 Country Coordinators for the Global Currency Reset, Simon Parkes reported that there was a move afoot by the Cabal to lock down as many countries as possible over the Christmas holidays. To counter act that United States Marshalls were in South Africa to help the people adjust to Martial Law. They had been notified that the Military would take over South Africa through use of the Emergency Broadcast System sometime this week that ended Sat. 4 Dec.


Simon Parkes: All currency test-runs done. HSBC will lead the process. [Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corp.] U.S. on full alert for the Redemption process. Temple Texas—NOT Reno—sets it off.

Gesara / Nesara:

GESARA has been signed off by all countries at The Hague(International Court of Justice) 2019 & 2020 POTUS would be giving you numbers like border wall & other numbers telling you how many countries had signed off. Now they just have to play out a fake WW3 scenario to ring sirens in every National Military Command Center. This is to justify to the Whole Entire Planet many things that have been taking place already. The fact that Gesara Military Law has been in place. The Secret Military Tribunals, Confessions etc. The executions the lot. And like all militaries normally do they will help build new things. Remember POTUS saying all hospital equipment will be obsolete by the end of the year? No more Chemo, Radiation etc. Med beds, UV Light Therapies etc. Hospitals & Schools will be ripped apart. No need for medical research when you have 6000 cures handed to you that Tesla had. …Whiplash347

Graphene Oxide:

Dr. Andreas Noack has reported that Graphene Oxide in the vaccines were creating blood clots, heart attacks, nerve damage and cancer amongst other deadly issues. The vaccines don’t have their ingredients listed on the label, were not approved by the FDA, were experimental only, have not been found to be effective in warding off CV-19 and contained nano particles that were dangerous to health. Dr. Daniel Nogase said the vaccines have caused still births. A Military doctor has stated that more troops have died from the vaccine than from Covid. A German Doctor was murdered just hours after publishing secrets of the vax:

Graphene Oxide Wireless Network:

Human Trafficking:

Trump, Child Trafficking and Epstein:


"My administration is 100 percent committed to eradicating human trafficking from the earth." -POTUS, Jan. 2020

It can be difficult to research and sift through all the bullshit in our Information War. As an example, many still think President Trump is a part of the elite pedo cult that enjoyed immunity on earth until the 45th Administration. This is because many have been inundated with disinformation, propaganda, and group-think through various mediums since grade school. As a result, many lack the critical thinking skills and intellectual sovereignty required to discern for themselves.


This is why these clown narratives still sell:


A little digging and we find Mar a Lago was created with the explicit purpose of allowing black and Jew membership, disrupting the racist WASP control of elite clubs in Fort Lauderdale (and the South), which prohibited it. The mayor tried to stop President Trump so he sent him the movie, "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner," then filed a $100 million dollar lawsuit citing the racism. The rest is history.


That's why there are early photos of Epstein and Maxwell with Trump. Epstein was an elite Jew and Maxwell his lover. No one outside of their evil power structure yet realized Epstein's or Maxwell's sadistic ambitions. During this time, Trump also once hitched a short ride on one of Epstein's planes from Florida to NYC. However, Trump never went to child sex island or rode on the Lolita Express the Clintons favored.


Epstein would eventually assault the daughter of one of President Trump's Mara a Lago employees and Trump would ban Epstein from his properties. Bad blood ensued. President Trump would later find out about a property deal Epstein was very excited about and backdoored him, seizing the property away from Epstein just to spite him.


Fast forward and Epstein victim attorney stated on camera that no one helped him or the victims he represented more than President Trump. Everything that has happened with regard to child trafficking in general and exposure/takedown of this elite cult specifically since President Trump's election is a direct result of him and his patriot Administration.


All of which was foreshadowed in 2015 at CPAC by President Trump and was reinforced explicitly via his policy, strategy, speeches, task forces, and outcomes.


Not one opposition narrative they've thrown at our President has stuck. Not one. That's because he isn't a cultist, never joined their society, they don't have any blackmail information on him, he isn't a pedophile nor a racist, and he LOATHES everything they are.


We knew Maxwell's arrest was eminent after Trump fired the SDNY federal prosecutor overseeing and providing a blockade on the Epstein investigation (plus Wiener laptop, Ukraine, and Clinton Foundation investigations). Less than 2 weeks after he was fired, Maxwell was arrested. President Trump and the patriots are working to "eradicate" this cult "from earth" for us and humanity, worldwide. That's the ONLY reason why Epstein/Maxwell anything.

International Child Trafficking and Child Torture:

Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. claims Fauci is a child killer. Recent stories about the torture of beagles and macaques caused a great resonance on the Internet and Fauci was condemned. But even less is known to the public that this evil doctor conducted his monstrous experiments not only on animals. We are talking about the "medical" murders of at least 85 orphaned children in New York, children who were vulnerable, could not fight back and who could not be missed. This was reported earlier, but this case has not yet received such a resonance. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says Anthony Fauci is the American Josef Mengele. These statements are the subject of a new book by Robert F. In chapter seven, the Kennedy heir recounts stories about NIAID's "barbaric and illegal experiments on children."

Kennedy claims Fauci used orphaned children as cheap testers for chemotherapy and harsh AIDS drugs. These children were buried in mass graves at the cemetery in Hawthorne, New York, Westchester County, and they were immediately forgotten about. Last month, Robert Kennedy gave an interview to journalist James Corbett, in which he outlined some key arguments from the book and specifically explained some facts:


▪️Fauci tested harsh chemotherapy drugs on orphaned children to determine their use for AIDS treatment in the 1980s.


▪️Fauci gained full control over foster families in 7 states of America.


▪️Children were tortured to death


▪️The children were denied guardians and any legal defenders.


▪️Feeding probes were installed for children who refused to take Fauci's medications so that pharmaceutical companies could administer the drugs even when the children resisted.


▪️Most of the children did not have HIV/AIDS, they were simply used as guinea pigs to test whether they could survive after a harsh regimen of medication.


▪️At least 85 children died during these experiments.


These statements are so frightening that hardly anyone will defend Fauci, but Jeanne Bergman, a writer and editor of Housing Works magazine, writes: "Should children of three, six or even 12 years decide whether they will take medications or not? Of course not, especially when irregular dosing can lead to the proliferation of drug-resistant HIV. All responsible parents and guardians understand that children cannot make decisive decisions about life and death for themselves, and the law also recognizes this fact, so that children can neither consent nor refuse medical care."


According to these defenders of Fauci, mandatory treatment of children was necessary. Refusal on the part of children is not allowed, and the use of force-feeding probes is preferable to giving children the opportunity to choose.


     World Capital of Organ Trafficking:

     NYT Finds 'Disproportionate Role' of Israelis in World Organ Trafficking:

     Israel Became Hub in International Organ Trade Over Past Decade:

     Israel Is the Organ Harvesting and Human Trafficking Capital of the World:

     Israel: Ringleader of Ghoulish Human Organ Trafficking Syndicate:

     Israeli organ-smuggling ‘mastermind’ arrested in Cyprus:

     Israeli arrested in Rome for organ trafficking:

     Jewish American Convicted of Organ Trafficking:

     How US Rabbis & Israel Traffic In Human Organs & Money Laundering:

     Israel Special Investigations Unit busts organ trafficking ring:

     Doctor admits Israeli pathologists harvested organs without consent:

Mainstream Media:

Just two investment firms - Vanguard and BlackRock - own almost all of the mainstream media and most of Big Pharma as well. The vaccine propaganda machine looks a lot like Hitler's IG Farben:

Maxwell Trial:

Where is Gishlane Maxwell?


On the first day of the Maxwell Trial the CEOs of Twitter, CNBC, Walmart and Goldman Sachs resigned.


Trump was named as flying on Epstein’s plane, but there was no evidence that he flew on Epstein’s Lolita Express and Trump has denied these allegations. Trump rode on that air plane one time in 1997 and he did not go to the island. He went from PBI to EWR.


- He barred Epstein from Mar-a-lago in the 90’s when Epstein was found out.


- He assisted Florida police in their investigation of Epstein in the 90’s.


- He protected one of Epstein’s victims when they were on the run from Epstein.


- Trump served as POTUS for 4 years and during that time of being vetted more than anyone else in history they were never able to link Trump in any relation to Epstein.



made-up Covid Variant, used to scare the general populace as people go through the normal cycles of getting sick through the winter. The common cold now has dystopian branding, and that will never stop while the vaccine manufacturers are raking in billions with their fear campaigns.

Operation Wakeup, Ghost Ezra:

“People often say, why not just jolt the sheep awake. The wakeup process is very serious and delicate. You are dealing with some big serious lies that will be uncovered. NASA, Cia, Disney, WW2, 911, Antarctica, Vatican, Mockingbird Mossad Media, Dumbs, Central banks, Fed,  Synagogue of Satan, Black Triangles, The earth, Royal blood lines, Frazzeldrip, Vril, Adrenochrome, and much more. Now imagine all this being downloaded all at once. People would be in padded rooms or cliff jumping. Yes, even conservatives who don't wear masks fall into this category. This has to be unwound delicately for your own sanity. It's coming out drip by drip. Nothing at this point can stop it. You may not understand the process, but you'll end up respecting and appreciating it greatly. The battle is won already, this is Operation Wakeup. Pay attention to everything, but don't let anything consume you. Everything matters, and is connected in some fashion. You can't tell people, you must show them. Decades of brainwashing is slowly being unwound.”

Q Team:

The Book of Q (a Lost Gospel):

The Q Team was a union of 17 countries that was now 140 countries. The military controlled the spread of Stellar and QFS, Space Force, plus military intelligence in Arizona. Wars were won and lost to the one who controlled the sky. The new global Alliance, also called White Hats, included the following 17 countries: Australia, France, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Romania, Spain, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Croatia, Canada, North Korea and USA. The Supreme Commander of the Alliance and largest military operation in the history of the planet was President Donald Trump.

(According to Whiplash 347 on Telegram, 12/27/2021)

The 17 Militaries (Elite Forces):

Australia , France, Germany , Poland, Romania, Spain, Holland, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Russia, Denmark, Croatia, Canada, N. Korea, and USA. Daniel 7 17 & 7 3 (4 Beasts)

• USA, Can, Aus. Combo of Lion and Eagle.


• Russia - Bear.


• Leopard with 4 heads and wings. Germany and other Euro nations.

• Beast with Iron teeth and 10 horns - North Korea

17 is the letter Q in the alphabet. Q is the plan to save the world. It started off as 17. 140 + now.

When the Charles De Gaulle returned from the Pacific last year March to May the French Foreign Legion raided CERN. Yes Lake Geneva will be hit with Rods & Dew.

Do you remember Donald J Trump's Secret Trip to Switzerland? Do you remember the US Flag being raised in Switzerland? Do you know Swiss Bank is the Basel Bank? Isn't that funny Swiss Custody are tied to Luxbank. 2 Neutral Venues. Vatican Gold I dare say has been transported there. Russian Spetznaz raided the Vatican.

The Q Movement:


Just prior being killed President John F. Kennedy formed the Q Movement – a plan to take down the Federal Reserve and return US Taxpayer monies back to The People. That plan was thwarted in November 1963 with Kennedy’s assassination. By Christmas Eve 1963 there were 77 U.S. Generals who met and The Plan to Save the World was born.

Three months later 133 Generals had formed Operation Freedom Eagle35 to carry out The Plan to Save the World. This Q movement now included 22 nations and 1,600 Generals now known as the Alliance or White Hats.

The Alliance or White Hats was composed of President Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, India Prime Minister Narendra Modi, White Hats in the Department of Defense headed by Secty of Defense Chris Miller, Undersecty of Defense Intel Ezra Cohen Watnick and Gen. Michael T Flynn; Q force (composed of around 800 special ops who advise President Trump including Pentagon Generals Vice Chief John Hyten, US Marine Gen. David Berger, Chief of the Army Gen. James C. McConville, Chief of the Air Force Gen. Charles Q. Brown,  Chief of Naval Operations Gen. Michael M. Gilday, Gen. James McConville, Gen. Paul Nakasone and Gen. Jay Raymond), QAnons (volunteer Patriots headed by Ezra Cohen-Watnick, General Flynn and JF Kennedy Jr, who is Q. JFK Sr. was believed to be Q+, although some say Q+ is Donald Trump), the National Security Agency headed by our present Acting US President Richard Grenell who, with the US under Martial Law, was running military operations in Washington DC and various militaries across the globe, including the international force authorized to make arrests in any country, Interpol.

The Q Movement ,  Plan to Save the World:

was based on a need for The People of the globe to have Freedom and Liberty over their own affairs, mainly over the global financial system of which the Illuminati, Cabal or Deep State had ruled since the inception of different countries’ economic systems.

The ultimate goal of The Plan was to carry out a Global Currency Reset where various nations’ currency were gold and asset-backed at a 1:1 with each other.

The Chinese Elders were composed of different multigenerational Chinese families living in the Philippines who over centuries, owned and held  responsibility for around 90% of the world’s gold, lending it out to countries for establishment of their financial systems. There were five top Chinese Elders who were responsible for the Global Currency Reset and RV release of funds.


In 1914 the Illuminati Bloodline Families signed a 99 year lease on the Chinese Elder’s gold and then proceeded to illegally launder all of the US taxpayer monies through their privately owned Federal Reserve, IRS, Central Banks and corporations – Washington DC, City of London and the Holy See in Vatican City. That was the system to be changed with the Global Currency Reset.


The Illuminati, Cabal, Deep State or Black Hats gained their power over peoples of the globe by worshipping Satan through pedophilia and child sacrifice. The Cabal was composed of 13 Illuminati Bloodline Families including the Habsburg family. Below them were the Black Jesuit Pope Adolfo Nicolas and his six generals, Pope Francis and 350 personnel in the Vatican including former Jesuit Secretary General Peter Hans Kolvenbach. In turn the Jesuits were part of most governments and in cooperation with the Freemasons have infiltrated every intelligence agency in the world with Masonic leaders, making them puppets that carried out Jesuit orders. Other Cabal leaders were Mafia heads including Khazarian mob leaders, Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Fascists, royal families of Europe including Queen Elizabeth, the Netherlands and Spanish Royals. The Cabal extended to Benjamin Netanyahu and the Zionists, Globalist and Political Elites, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberger Group, Council of 300, UN, Council of Trent, Knights Templar, Knights of Columbus, Knights of Malta, CIA, FBI, NSA, ASIO, M15, M16, NCIS, FSB, DGSF and the Mossad.


BRICS was an alliance of the nations of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa formed in 2008 after the so-called US “Mortgage Crisis.” In reality the crisis happened when the Cabal continued to print fiat US Dollars while being in bankruptcy and unable to even pay interest on gold borrowed from the Chinese Elders which backed that US Dollar, the basis for international trade. In the ensuing years since BRICS formed, they evaluated gold and resources of 209 nations in preparation for a Global Currency Reset. After the GCR all countries currencies would be at a 1:1 with each other instead of relying on the fiat US Dollar for international trade.


Dr. Charlie Ward has worked and been friends with the Chinese Elders for over 15 years. He is head of the Global Currency Reset Team. He was highly trusted in the financial world and moved money around the globe for private clients ranging from the super-rich to different global governments. His team moved 650 planeloads of gold out of the Vatican tunnels and placed it back to it’s rightful owners at the US Treasury and other countries’ treasuries around the globe. He was presently moving monies, gold and valuables for countries and individuals in the Global Currency Reset. A lot of Ward’s info came from what he called the Four Walls of Power, which included the Chinese Elders, Alliance, Trump White House and Trump Redemption Team. He has been under a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for the last several months and told what he could and could not reveal.


Nic Fleming received Intel from a Military Intel Contact who was part of the Trump Redemption Team. That team received Intel and orders for the GCR/ RV from President Trump, the Alliance and five top Chinese Elders.

Project ODIN:

Project ODIN was a Military Space Force Intelligence Agency Operation connected to the new Starlink Satellite System. The over 500 Starlink Satellites sent into space since January 2021 now control all nations of the world’s Grids and has the ability to bypass, take over and operate all Media, Radio, Internet and Digital platforms around the globe including the new Emergency Broadcast System.



Project TerraMar:

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell owned and operated a mysterious company called TerraMar. In 1991 Maxwell based TerraMar at a Manhattan property owned by British banker Evelyn Robert de Rothschild. Under authority of the United Nations Maxwell had established TerraMar as a Micro Nation with diplomatic immunity that could create their own passports. Seeding money for TerraMar came from the United Nations, the Rothschilds, the Clinton Foundation and a Wall Street Concert Series in 2005. Formally established by 2012, the TerraMar Project was the center of an international Child Sex Trafficking, Gun and Drug Running Ring.  Through child sex and human trafficking, pedophile parties, child sacrifice rites in honor of Satan, production of Adrenochrome (blood of a traumatized child) and human organ harvesting Epstein and Maxwell blackmailed global and political elites to do the bidding of the Illuminati.

Restored Republic:


The Military had actually been in charge of the US since tabulating watermarked ballots of the 2020 election and finding Trump had won by an over 80% vote. Though recently after Pelosi was charged with a serious crime, she capitulated to a plan to decertify the 2020 Election – all of which was really not necessary since last March Trump was accepted by the Pentagon as Commander in Chief of the Military Forces, and then he was inaugurated as President of the new Republic on Sat. 27 Nov. 2021.


Milley was privately removed as head of the joint Chiefs of Staff and replaced with Marine General Berger. Publicly Milley is still the joint Chiefs but in reality, it is Marine General Berger.


White Hats feel that if Europe is systematically locked down again there will be absolute insurrection which will give them good reason to do a worldwide military roll out.


The White Hats appear to be set to sound off the Emergency Broadcast System and declare Martial Law across the Globe, perhaps by using a False Flag Alert. That major scare event coming up was a Russian war with the US and Europe, a China war with the US and Taiwan and/or a major US nuclear missile crisis event.


Meanwhile with Hunter Biden on the payroll of the Chinese Communist Party and because of bankruptcies of that CCP’s giant real estate company Evergrande, added to US Inc.’s bankruptcy and resulting fiat dollar, the world was experiencing a financial crisis that was already in the process of being through a Global Currency Reset that was coming to completion.


They’ve used the new Covid Variant as an excuse to close all flights going in and out of South Africa. United States Marshalls were presently in South Africa to help the people and South African Powers That Be have been notified that the Emergency Broadcast System would go out globally this week ending Sat. 4 Dec.


The Cabal’s Plan A to get rid of Biden with a Cancer diagnosis was aborted after Harris freaked out, while the Alliance has plans to have Biden step down around Dec. 15.

US Inc. Bankruptcy:

Because of the US Inc. bankruptcy the Crown Commonwealth doesn’t exist anymore. Australia and New Zealand can vote to be part of the United States of America if they so choose.   

Whiplash347 on The Event, It's Biblical:

There is going to be a BIG biblical scenario where they make out it's WW3 but really they are activating Militaries then bombing all of these Satanic Luceriferian landmarks. Enacting GESARA funds and We The People rebuild.

What are some of the Very BIG Satanic Illuminati landmarks in the world? Q showed us them. Vatican, Buckinghan Palace, Whitehouse x 2 (USA, Germany), 3GD in China. Cern on the Swiss/French Border possible.

Big Pharma in Wuhan = Israel


Israel/Khazarians controls CCP.


The Media etc


34 Satanic Buildings and Dams will Fall. Rods of God/DEW




Planes & Trains grounded


Lights/Power switched off


Changing over to Tesla Free energy


Bitcoin Servers/Data Center hit and turned off for good.


99.5% of Crypto gone China Coins. Enter ISO20022 Coins backed by Precious Metals.


WW3 Scare Event. Nuke Sirens


Water Event


Stock Market Crash


Global Martial Law


CASTLE ROCK -Scenario Julian Assange.


Quantum Systems. Project Odin Switched on.




Election Flipping via Military Courts - FISA


Military Tribunals/confessions/10 day movie - 3 × 8 hr sessions.


10 countries will be running EBS to cover the whole World.






The ISRAELI MOSSAD control the WORLD's MEDIA out of the US.


Attached is Q1871 outlining this.


Project Odin as mentioned by Ron CodeMonkeyz is a POWERFUL Anti-Deplatforming Tool.


Project Odin is part of Quantum Starlink. Our new Quantum Systems are to be protected by Secret Space Programs out of the Cabal's reach.


Q2337 tells you Mossad Media Assets will be removed. Think people like Alex Jones, Anderson Cooper etc and also Mossad Satellites.


Israeli intelligence - stand down.


Media assets will be removed.


This part of 2527 tells you that something powerful is going to knock out Mossad Media Satellites. This will blackout the media worldwide, Switch us over to the Quantum Systems. This is PROJECT ODIN. All in All give the reason to Activate the Military EBS.


If you look up the TURKSAT Rocket that launched from the USA in January you will see it was specifically for MILITARY COMMS to peoples TV's & RADIO's in AFRICA, MIDDLE EAST, EUROPE & CENTRAL ASIA.


THE EVENT has many facets to it.

The WorldWide Blackout to change over to TESLA Energy. Knocking out Media Satellites, QFS, Rods of God on Dams & 34 Buildings & much much more.


34 Buildings will be in the EVENT.


They are very significant iea: Whitehouse, Royal Castles, Buckingham Palace, Vatican, Getty Museum, Playboy Mansion and the like.


This will surely make the Stock Market collapse as will Precision Cyber linked to Executive Orders 13818 & 13848. It is all a show.


Swapping from Rothschild's Central Bank Notes to Rainbow Treasury Notes now backed by Precious Metals (Not Oil/Wars)


Are we still comfy?


Or are we scared?


A little bit of both is normal.


Trump keeps his promises.


Have faith in the Lord Our God.


He will comfort you through the storm.


Who saw in January up to 10 countries at once have their power all turned off by the Space Force?


Just before that Israel had that happen for 30 mins too.


If they can turn 10 at once off all together. They can do the whole lot. Welcome to Tesla.



Have a look at all the Global Military "Exercises" now being put in place. It’s all happening in front of you. It's the largest

GLOBAL MILITARY Operation in Planet Earths History. Transition to Gesara/Greatness.


Now they just have to play out a fake WW3 scenario to ring sirens in every National Military Command Center. This is to justify to the Whole Entire Planet many things that have been taking place already. The fact that Gesara Military Law has been in place. The Secret Military Tribunals, Confessions etc. The executions the lot. And like all militaries normally do they will help build new things.

Pandora’s Box – the first announced of the Mass Arrests


Elvis, Trump, Assange, Lincoln Kahlooni, JFK, Joseph, John, Patrick and company were all family of Lincoln/Kahlooni and Druze descendants. The key was William Wallace Lincoln aka Omar Al Mucktar (the Great Freedom Fighter) and Tad Lincoln – two of Abraham Lincoln’s sons who were sent to Libya and did not die when recorded.


The Roman Invasion of Libya is important to understand. Once you understand Druze and Libya you will understand many of the scandals: Pandora's Box.


Navy Seals in Thailand saving the kids who were stuck in the caves.


Delta Force uncovering Ghaddafi's stolen gold in Thailand that Obama was using to pay off ISIS.   


Extortion 17 - Seals dying: Obama/Killary/Biden ordering the shoot down of Seal Team 6. They were going to out them for the fake Bin Laden raid.


Benghazi attack on September 11 2012.


Twin Towers on September 11 2001.


And many things before.


Osama Bin Laden is alive too. He is in Northern Iran. It was a fake body double trophy kill.


Who is Aaron Vaughn? He was supposedly killed in Extortion 17. Extortion 17 was that Seal Team 6 had been used in the fake assassination of Osama Bin Laden. They returned home. Shortly later they were sent to Afghanistan.  Obama/Biden and Killary had them shot out of the sky because they knew too much. They were all declared dead. Not all were…


I think the 1st arrest will be Osama Bin Laden.  It would be the one to shock the world. It was a fake trophy kill body double killed. Obama paid off Iran to hide him in Northern Iran. Seal Team 6 knew the truth. Obama/Biden had them go to Afghanistan and organized for them to be shot down. Some survived ie: Aaron Vaughn. This then leads into Benghazi. It opens up September 11 2001. Talking about opening up PANDORA's Box. "GOLDEN TICKETS"

Now this confirms Seal Team 6 Members can confirm Extortion 17, Which is a product of the Fake Osama Bin Laden kill, It leads to Benghazi, Who is Osama Bin Laden really? CIA Agent. Is he other people too? How many Children he really has and who they are. It leads to Ghaddafi's Stolen Gold in Thailand paying off ISIS.


Osama bin Laden banned al Qaeda from trying to assassinate Joe Biden because he believed he would be an incompetent president and 'lead the US into a crisis.' Osama bin Laden, writing to one of his al Qaeda lieutenants in 2010, said the terrorists should instead focus on killing Obama.

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